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Who Am I?

My amazing hubby and I!

I am a children's author whose focus is to help children, who have been sexually traumatized, and help them be able to feel safe both physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

I am a rape and domestic violence survivor. I went through the counseling sessions successfully for both through the YWCA and Northcare. I also took psychiatric medications for PTSD, anxiety and depression. Now, I am medication free, and I am able to deal with my triggers in a positive way. 

I am also a youth minister's wife who has seen and spoke with kids who have been through sexual trauma. I also have family members who have experienced trauma, and I have helped them through the process.

What makes me so special?


Since I have been through sexual trauma myself, survived, and taught myself how to live life without fear, I know that I can help other women. In fact, I have been helping other women who have been through sexual trauma. I've also helped children who have been through the wringer of sexual trauma, and now, these children are doing a lot better. 

I know that I can help other children with my book! 

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I know that I'm new to this author world, but this book is years in the making! My book will help children and their parents who are having a difficult time talking about this very sensitive subject. It will help to heal not only children's fears, but also, help parents to prevent those fears from happening in the first place.

My New Book!

What is it about?

My upcoming new book, "My Mila & Me"--Healing Childhood Trauma One Kid, One Family at a Time is about a young girl's journey as she tries to find her mom a gift for Mother's Day, only to discover that she is the true gift. 

It'll be out soon!

My new upcoming book will be out for the public to read soon! Can't wait for you all to read it!

Please buy my book!

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I am a children's author whose goal is to make sure children feel safe to tell their parents the truth, and parents feel comfortable hearing the truth. I know from personal experience that childhood sexual trauma occurs; however, in most cases, children are too scared to speak the truth for fear that their parents and/or guardians won't believe them. My book will hopefully change how parents and children view that process.